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Zodiac : Pisces

Photographer -

Model - @adhoba

Location - avenues apartment rooftop

Pisces dont worry we didn't forget about you. With the weather starting to pull us out of our seasonal depression and the warm air filling us with energy this gave us more fuel and inspiration for our Pisces Collection. The Pisces rings were shoot on top of the cutest apartments in the Avenues of Salt Lake. We think this shoot captures exactly what energy Pisces give off: artistic, intuitive, gentle, and giving us all the vibes of spring.

Pisces are the most compassionate sign of the zodiac, but with this compassion comes over trusting and fear. With Rhodochrosite being the rock of comfort and harmony we thought this would be a great match to keep our Pisces babies in line during their season. We all need to show some compassion for ourselves sometimes and we think this stone will help with that.

With music and creativity as your love language, it's so important and you have something on you that keeps you inspired. Rhodochrosite is the most beautiful pink stone, with different colored veins running through it. This stone is almost poetic looking and we can’t wait to see you all rocking it. With a variety of different shapes and sizes of rings to chose from there is no doubt this collection will give our Pisces to keep their creative juices flowing all year.

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